About Us

Nordikó is a small company that designs and produces original products like home decor, wall art, souvenirs and gifts inspired by Iceland and the nordic region.

The sole employee is its owner Óðinn Kári Karlsson.

Although I have never studied or practiced design, I have always had a keen interest in crafts and home design. After finishing my studies and I started to have more time on my hands I decided that I wanted to pursue the opportunity that I identified, to create home decor and gifts inspired by my home country Iceland. All the designs and products found here are an original design created by myself but sometimes I am helped by friends or other partners to make them a reality.
Company Information:
Legal Name: Nordikó Design ehf.
Company ID Number: 511119-0220
Company VAT Code: 136201
Company Phone: +3547704704
Company Address: Urðarholt 3, 270, Mosfellsbær.